Greenhouse Impressions Shade Solutions

Greenhouse at night
When the propagation lights are on all night it looks as though a 48 foot worm from outer space landed on the lawn. The lights are fluorescence tubes under hoods that are lowered to about 4 inches above the seedling trays. Lights and trays are all up on tables, so the effect is hazy and indirect. A soft blue light radiates outward through the greenhouse walls. From the outside one sees a giant segmented glowing worm formed from braces the plastic is stretched over. I find myself going to the window at night, looking up the hill to see if our worm retains its special glow.
Inside looking out
While in the greenhouse you cannot see out. There is a double wall of plastic inflated by blowing air between the two sheets. However, the light does come through. So, you can be inside the greenhouse and enjoy your day without all the distractions of clear windows to the outside. Overall effect is to lend a special feeling of being separated from the world. When it rains it is like living inside a drum. The taunt plastic forms a drum for the slightest sprinkle of raindrops to beat upon just over your head. A heavy rain and you cannot hear yourself think. Inside my head I can sing along with Fred Astaire without having to get wet.
Tropics on a sunny day
Heat quickly becomes trapped inside the greenhouse as the sun’s diffused rays slant through the ceiling and walls. On a clear cold day with freezing temperatures outside, the sun can heat the inside of the greenhouse to tropical temperatures. In the morning you enter with a coat on, and work in shirtsleeves by noon. With all the plants breathing, evaporation from hundreds of containers with moist soil, humidity is high. It only takes a few early blooms to give one the feeling of being in the tropics in spite of winter weather outside. Perhaps I should just pull up a chair, pour a glass of wine, open that book and enjoy a min vacation to the Bahamas without the cost of a airplane ticket.