E-Cigs Influence Smokers to Break the Law

E-cigs influence smokers to break the law?

Evidently, health officials feel that because some of the more conceptually-designed electronic cigarettes resemble real cigarettes, their use in public gives smokers a way to discretely defy the law by lighting up cigarettes and passing them off as vaporizers. Just in case this doesn’t seem like a foolish premise to base a product ban on, let’s look at some holes in this reasoning.

First of all, as already stated, PVs do not produce smoke; they produce a vapour that, while visible when exhaled, dissipates almost immediately. The vapour does not behave in the same way as smoke when it enters the atmosphere. Smoke lingers for a long period of time, particularly inside a building. If the appearance alone isn’t enough to distinguish smoke from vapour, the unmistakeable smell of tobacco smoke should be. One cigarette produces enough smoke that the smell can easily be detected throughout the entirety of a bar or restaurant.

To suggest that smokers will attempt to pass off e-cigarettes or as they call it in italy, vaporizzatore, as PVs seriously undervalues the intelligence of smokers as well as people in charge of establishments where a PV might be used. Smoking requires fire to light the tobacco, and produces unmistakeable smoke as well as ash. Anybody with a healthy dose of common sense should be able to tell if somebody is smoking a cigarette instead of a PV. If anybody is obtuse enough to attempt such a ruse, they should be punished to the full extent of the law and removed from the premises.