Digging into Anticipation

Digging into Anticipation


I think the emotions of anticipation are among my favorite feelings, and most times I look forward to a bit of waiting on the edge of my seat. Since gardeners seem to do so many activities that incorporate anticipation it must be a common shared trait.


Gardeners get to dig into anticipation literally. Much is said about fall transplanting in the garden come fall, but usually the discussion is about best suited plants. While we gardeners love our plants, there is much more to the story than perennials, shrubs and bulbs. There are all the activities of fall transplanting that carry bushels of anticipation.


Hybrid Mayapple Spotty Dotties

I believe most gardeners are goal oriented. We see or hear about a plant that puts a catch in our breath, and the hunt is on. We have these pretty pictures in our mind’s eye that require a flow of activities to obtain our goal of making that vignette a reality. To accomplish a goal one must have plans, even if they exist only in our minds.


First up is to set aside space in my garden for the new plants and see that the soil is renovated for the new arrivals come sometime in September.

My plants that must be acquired are researched, read about to keep the fires of passion and possession stoked. Then they must be located at a trustworthy mail-order nursery. If I can afford it there will be 3 of each genus ordered. Once the order is confirmed, then the anticipation begins in earnest. First form of anticipation is set in motion.