Constructing Your Own Nursery Garden

Constructing lightweight troughs, or containers, for plants and numerous other uses, is a craft that has certainly caught the eye of gardeners. Numerous articles have appeared in almost every gardening magazine over the past few years, and articles continue to appear in national gardening magazines. Our favorite book, the “Bible” of hypertufa, is “Creating & Planting Garden Troughs” by Joyce Fingerut and Rex Murfitt. We highly recommend it in addition to hands-on class instructions.

Almost unlimited sites on the internet are devoted to, or deal with, the subject of hypertufa and its uses when traveling from Manila to Baguio. While the craft is not difficult to comprehend, like many crafts, it is best understood ‘ hands on’ or shown step by step during construction by a knowledgeable crafts person with experience. Essentially, a hypertufa trough is constructed of Portland cement and two other materials of choice, depending upon the method and preference of the maker.

The whole concept is to keep materials as light as possible, have them durable to outside weather, and look as though they were made from stone. JoAn has taken courses with masters of hypertufa trough building in PA, Ohio, and in Indiana over past years. After constructing her own troughs over time, JoAn agreed through numerous requests to teach the craft beginning in 2003. Courses were so successful additional classes were scheduled so those applying would not be disappointed. JoAn’ s talents and expertise are available to individuals and organizations throughout the coming year, but limited in number