Pick a category. Pick any product. Pick a concept. Just let it pop into you head. Then look around you. There it is! Not only the one you envisioned, whatever the vision, but several choices are available. Not only available, but promoted and pushed no matter where you go in your day. Right along with all the products you had not envisioned.

A Multitude

There is a multitude of choices presented on not just a minute-to-minute, but in second to second blocks, when you listen to the radio while traveling. All flowing by right along with the huge sign boards lining the highways. When you arrive home the choices are on TV. Turn on the computer and there is a flood of choices you were aware of because you did a search earlier and you now have a cookie on your tail. There is no escaping all the choices that continually bombard us during a 24 hour period.

Way of Life

All that continual promoting and pushing to catch our attention throughout the day has pretty much become background noise to our lives. While we may think we are tuning it out, that is not completely true. If a visual or sound catches the corner of our vision or hearing, and is repeated often enough, we will remember and react. Perhaps not even on a fully conscious level.

You are worth Money

You must be worth a lot of money for companies spend millions on research and development, advertising to get your attention, then have you react so you will make a purchase of their product. But, don’t let that perceived value go to your head. You may be of value to yourself and your ego, but it is the dollars you carry they seek.