I do not feel that advertising is a bad thing, or a so-called necessary evil. It simply is in our way of life. It is the way our economy functions.  If it is not there we seek it out. A quiet morning can easily turn into a trip to the mall walking one continual commercial for a day. So why my rambling about choices?

Too Darn Many

There are times when there are simply too darn many choices and I get burned out from all that is trying to catch my attention.

Leave it Behind

If you leave your cell phone and tablet inside the house when you go into the garden it is one of the few places on god’s little green earth where you can step outside all these choices and their promotion. My garden may not be a place to hide from the world, but it is a place of peace and a break from the constant bombardment.

I have never carried a cell phone into my garden. How about you? Can you handle the silence in your head, the quiet in your mind, rest in your soul? Are you comfortable when you are the only one in your head? When it is just you and no choices are to be made?