About us

We have further refined our plant inventory adding more natives. A few more of the smaller plants for those of you with less space.  More emphasis has been placed on perennials and bulbs that not only look great, but are good performers without a lot of fuss. No high maintenance relationships needed.

Now you can have a native deciduous Azalea in bloom in your garden from mid-April thru mid-September. We now have available a selection of 5 of the best named selections for you to order.

Display Gardens

When you come visit us two new follies are almost complete in the gardens. Under the old cedars where nothing would grow there is now a deck with patio furniture so you and I can sit and chat a bit before completing garden tours. Under the stand of maple, redbud and cedars where even weeds will not grow there is now a stone bench constructed of found materials. In spring we will be moving large containers to pair with the bench.

Several rare and unusual trees and shrubs have been added for future shade, blooms and fall color.